Just Making Life Sweeter ~ Since 2009

About Me and Sugar and Stitches

Sugar and Stitches was born out of my love for baking, my passion for yarn made things, and my desire to share that with everyone. Not to mention my desire to help out at home financially. 
I am a certified massage therapist, a certified cosmetologist, a crocheter, a knitter, a crafter and a Stay at home Mother of 4. I've been trying to find my happiness in all of these different career paths but none {w/ the exception of being a mom} has brought me the joy and happiness I desired like baking has! Sugar and Stitches has given me the control I wanted, the creative outlet I needed and the ability to contribute to my home but still be able to be here for my kids like I have always wanted.
I created Sugar and Stitches in January 2012 because I made a promise to myself that 2012 would be the YEAR of Nicole. I deiced to just go for it and take a leap of faith.I have not been disappointed. I started out on Etsy and I will be there for little while longer but I had to venture out on the eve of 2017 and begin my OWN store. There has been wonderful support and I am grateful for every customer on Etsy, every like on Facebook,every follower on Instagram, and every follower on Twitter.