Just Making Life Sweeter ~ Since 2009


Q: Where are the cookies made?

A: Cookies are made in a Home Based kitchen under the Louisiana Cottage Food Law.

Q: How long do the cookies last?

A: I recommend eating the cookies within 7-10 days of receiving them for optimal freshness. However, as long as the cookies stay in their heat sealed bags, they can last for 30 days on the counter and 60 days in the freezer. 

Q: What are the cookies made of and are they allergy free?

A: Cookies are made with wheat and dairy products. The cookies are decorated with cookie glaze and some royal icing which contains dairy and occasionally almond extract. The almond extract and royal icing can be omitted in some cases if requested. They are made in a kitchen that IS NOT nut free so cross contamination is possible. I do not offer any allergy or gluten free options at this time. 

Q: Do I ship cookies?

A: Yes, I ship cookies all over the United States. I do not currently ship cookies internationally. All cookies are shipped via USPS Priority Shipping which delivers 2/3 days after drop off. Orders for cookies are shipped on Tuesday of the week of your event date. When placing an order you must allow 12 days MINIMUM from the TUESDAY before your event takes place for ordering and Sunday does not count as a day.  All cookies are packaged in heat sealed cellophane bags and layers of bubble wrap with fragile stickers on the box. I do my very best to ensure cookies don't break. 

Q: What happens if cookies break during delivery or the box is late?

A: Neither of these things happen regularly but on the off chance that it does happen to you here are the two things you do:
    1- Contact USPS and file a claim. All Priority packages come with $50 insurance and anything broken or late due to delivery is their issue to fix. For more details on how that works go to www.usps.com.
    2- Let me know. While I do not assume any responsibilities for shipping damage or delay, I do want to know if their is any issue with your order. I can't file the claim for you but I may be able to help in other ways. 

Q: Do you offer discounts for local orders?

A: Any orders that want to be picked up CAN BE and will receive a FREE SHIPPING code. Pick ups are only done at certain times and will be negotiated when ordering. If you want to "meet me" somewhere to pick up your order there will be a delivery fee of $1 a mile (both directions). Any orders that are picked up late will also have a late fee of $2 per minute added and due at the time of pick up.

Q: Do you offer cakes and cupcakes?

A: Local orders will soon be able to order cakes and cookies as well but at this time I do not. Feel free to check back with me about it because I may just forget to update this when I do.

Q: How soon should I place my order? What's the latest I can order?

A: The sooner you place your order the better because the calendar for cookie orders fills up fast. I require 12 days notice for orders.Orders for cookies are shipped on Tuesday of the week of your event date. When placing an order you must allow 12 days MINIMUM from the TUESDAY before your event takes place for ordering and Sunday does not count as a day.This means, if your event its on the  13th, you should place your order NO LATER than the 1st of the month to avoid Rush Fees and to have a better chance of getting your order on the calendar. 

    The latest you can order depends on the order size and design. Message me either way because I may be able to fit you in. 

Q: How do I order and pay?

A: It is a two step process for you to order. 1- Fill out the Cookie Order Request Form . 2- Once I confirm your order request I will add your request to the the shop and you purchase through that listing. Simple as pie. 

    All orders are processed through PayPal currently and all major credit cards and paypal transfers can be done through them.

Q: What if I need to cancel?

A: If for any reason you need to cancel or change your order, you must provide a MINIMUM 14 days notice.  Please allow a minimum of  4 business days from date of cancellation for money to be refunded. Please Note: I do not accept returns on any items due the the custom nature of them and the fact that they are food. However, if there is an issue, please let me know and we will try to work it out together.


Q: What kind of yarn do you use?

A: All items are made with acrylic yarn (unless stated otherwise) which is hypoallergenic and machine washable.  

Q: How soon will my item arrive?

A: All yarn made items are Made To Order which means that I do not keep anything in stock. All items listed do not get made until they are ordered. With that said, orders ship as soon as they are completed and they are made in the order that the orders are received. Most things (with the exception of blankets) take between 2-7 days to make. Most of the items listed will state the  processing but that can change if there are many orders ahead of you. 

Q: What if I need something by a certain date?

A: Send me a message before ordering. That way I can confirm with you if your request can be met or not. 

Q: Do you have pets?

A: I do not have any pets unless you count my 4 kids as animals as I do. All my items are made in a pet and smoke free home. 

Q: How does shipping work?

A: See shipping in Sugar. Instead of bubble wrap the item will be wrapped in tissue paper.

Q: What if I need to cancel?

A: See cancel in Sugar.